Soul Conversations by Austyn Wells

Review done for NetGalley.comSoul Conversations: A Medium Reveals the Secrets to Developing Your Intuition and Connecting with the Spirit World
by Austyn Wells

This book explains difficult concepts in such a way that even people with little background on soul matters, can understand. The cover is lovely and well chosen.

The exercises are easy to do and it does not feel like “work”. Some can be done as you are reading.

Unfortunately the links to the following website does not work. I trust that this will be updated for the final product. It would have been great to get access to the meditations and links mentioned.

Very interesting is the way the writer discusses the role color plays, from different perspectives. The concept of “imprints” is clearly explained, I liked that. The concept of Prayer is explained better than any religious book I’ve ever read.

The chapter on Chakras could be streamlined a bit.

Chapter 5 seems to be a cannon, firing shots of a whole bunch of loose concepts, with no order, without explaining properly, for instance the Automatic writing is just mentioned but not explained.

As a whole, I would say the book is an interesting read for people interested in alternative healing methods and psychic communication. It covers a whole spectrum and there are examples of relatively easy exercises. However I found the net too wide – almost like a box with all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle thrown and mixed up in the box, with little heaps of pieces sorted in colours. This reader expects well organized chapters, neatly tied together. The content is interesting, but I personally find it too loosely constructed.


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